At our Yoga school we offer a holistic practice curriculum to our students to help integrate yoga into daily life. The schedule is aimed to help invigorate, purify and balance the individual’s Body, Mind and Spirit. The classes taught offer practices that help establish the strongest connection between mind and body and develop the practice of yoga as a lifestyle tool.

We specialise in teaching our classes with a focus on improving circulation, muscular tone, range of movement and mental focus. We expect all students to participate in the physical, mental and energetic practices offered throughout the week to really reap the benefits of Yoga. Groups are kept relatively small in order for the teacher to maintain greater connection with students and give the required care and attention to cultivate growth in the teacher student relationship. The various styles of classes all have a unified and logical or common-sense approach to the practice of yoga and that is to encourage the student to practice it to their individual needs. This methodology is derived from the lineage and teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and further developments on his work to date. Practising yoga in this logical way has seen our students finding it easier to improve their practice and integrate yoga into their daily life effortlessly.

The resident teachers and facilitators at Seva Yoga have a high standard of training and professional development and are registered professionals in their fields. Specialised programs and workshops are also delivered periodically throughout the year to facilitate in depth learning on particular topics, which are appropriate for our students’ development and yogic lifestyle goals.


"The Yoga taught here is not like the current mainstream hot Yoga (nothing wrong with either style though).This one is just a different style. Here, it is more important to master the breath first and the pose seems to be secondary. (Which is a more "Spiritual way" if you are concerned about more than just a fit body)

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