5 Benefits of YOGA in the Morning

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5 Benefits of YOGA in the Morning


  • 1) IMPROVES DIGESTION – By the time you’re up, your body has processed yesterday’s consumption & is ready to start process of eliminating toxic waste. – Good way to know if what you’re eating is actually serving your body. 

  • 2) BALANCED BIORHYTHM – Your sleep patterns will improve if you make it a habit to wake up regularly & get into a pattern of being active in the morning. Best to honour and align your body’s biorhythm to natural times for being active (during day) & slowing down in the eve. This will improve and balance your overall emotional, physical and mental energy flow. 

  • 3) MENTAL CALM – Start your day in the best Mental tone for the day – Alpha & Theta states of mind are accessed from meditative practises & are best for connecting to your goals with clarity and calm that allows you to approach your day with a positive mindset and encourages you to be in your natural state – that is calm and steady.

  • 4) MINDFULNESS – Kick start the day with mindfulness and appreciation for the abundance inside and outside of you  – you will work better during your day & enjoy your time off when you have it. It will assist with improving your total experience of your life story. 

  • 5) IMPROVED VITALITY – When your breath is stable and deep, you enable best absorption of nutrients in your body through consumption of oxygen and setting off various chemical reactions in the body. Breath / Oxygen is the reason you are alive and are able to operate optimally daily. You will be better response-able to your life stories if you honour your body and its ability to breath efficiently. 

  •  At Seva yoga we offer dynamic & meditative yoga classes 7 mornings a week, for all levels of practitioners. Enquire with us if you are wondering when to start and which class is the best start for you. 


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