5 Eastern Personal Hygiene Systems We in the West Should Adopt – For Sustainability!

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5 Eastern Personal Hygiene Systems We in the West Should Adopt – For Sustainability!

Me at Tanshikar Spice Farm
where we will host our
yoga retreat in March 2021

Why? Because the West has become a running joke for the toilet paper and drinking water fights… plus its time we made some collective resolves on reducing our use of unnecessary “necessities” that aren’t actually promoting good health and hygiene anyway. While we were sold ways to maximise on time and to some using really nice toilet paper is a sign of wealth and comfort but it’s actually NOT hygienic. And let’s also consider how quickly we ran out of supplies and what kind of mayhem something so UNHYGIENIC caused among us mortals, convinced we are fighting for some great cause. (LOL!!!)

I wanted to share with you the BASICS of Hygiene in living a natural and sustainable lifestyle. Where you get to care about yourself and do it with care for the environment too. You will find some hyperlinks below to guide you to more information on what each practice is.

It’s time to go back to the basics because they work really well and can give you a break from stressing over the small stuff.

#1 Excretory Organs

  1. Use water to wash and clean with a small vessel  using non-dominant hand (the hand that you don’t eat with)
  2. and maintain a personal hand towel to dry body parts
  3. Follow through with washing hands and nails as you would for 20 seconds at the least

#2 Digestive Organs Mouth –

  1. Use herbal toothpaste, 
  2. Gargle with warm water and salt or Pre-soaked clove water, 
  3. Use a copper Tongue Scraper to scrape the surface of your tongue gently to remove the bacteria that comes up from the gut nightly. 
  4. Use warm sesame or coconut oil as mouth wash – coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is not harsh for the tissues inside mouth. 

#3 Respiratory Organs

  1. Use a Neti pot to rinse your nasal passage 
  2. followed by Nasya – a couple of drops of sesame or any oil to keep the nasal passage lubricated.

#4 Social Etiquettes

  1. Wave a Hi / Bye, Smile and use endearing language to greet each other. 
  2. Optional to use Namaste honoring your personal space and spirit when greeting others. 
  3. Cough, Sneeze or burp onto your arm as always. 
  4. Clean up after yourself wherever you are. 
  5. Keep all living areas clean and dry (including bathroom floors). 

#5 Hydration – 

  1. Use copper utensils for purifying drinking water.
  2. Drink only warm water, always to aid with best digestion.

In all honesty my eastern friends and I have been laughing at the toilet paper fights while still soothing ourselves that we couldn’t make it back to India this year. So this whole kerfuffle over toilet paper and bottled water wasn’t all a waste of time… it did put a smile on everyone’s dials, and a thousand odd memes were created to keep our spirits high.. But what say you now? Do you think you can manage the above?

Do you need help? I’m here to guide you. Write me an email at supriya@sevayoga.com.au

Supriya Roy- Ayurveda Practitioner & Senior Yoga Teacher

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  • Unknown
    March 17, 2020

    Thank you Supriya for the tips. The current state is tough as Shopping centres are unable to provide our basic needs. Sharing this information is timely and will definitely help us to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Thank you. I'm sharing this email with family and friends.

  • Supriya
    March 17, 2020

    Amazing!! 👍🏻🧘‍♀️happy you read it!!

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