5 “Self-Care” Practices

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5 “Self-Care” Practices

The practise of Self-care is at the core of Seva Yoga’s mission in the world and with the world.

In my opinion, a simple list of 5 practices which gives me the best experience of better health and sense of well being are:

1) Yoga     2) Meditation    3) Massage    4) High quality Natural Foods     5) Health Retreats

Self care is a holistic practise, which becomes a love affair with the sense of feeling a deep connection to who you are. Who you actually are, is actually constantly working toward remembering and emerging to be the clearest and brightest version of you; the authentic you. The unhidden and unlimited you. You are the brilliance of all the shiny things you see or seek. The path of self care cultivates a sense of deep and genuine care for this amazing life and time we are given to live on earth, which invokes the desire to see yourself move toward your highest purpose. That is to be your true brilliant, brightest self.

Self care, invokes inspired action and keeps you ignited for whatever else you may engage your life force in. The modalities and practices mentioned above all improve the ability of our minds and body to increase cell tissue vitality and that in turn changes and shifts our experience of life as a whole (world we live in and the world that resides within us).

This month, Seva Yoga is collaborating with two other Professionals in Massage and Aromatherapy to bring a wonderful 90 minute Workshop on the 19th July 2014. It will be held in Ropes Crossing from 1:30 to 3pm and we have prepared an amazing afternoon of activities that will empower you on the topic of “Mood & Energy Management”.

Follow this link to Book your Ticket:
Mood & Energy Management Workshop Tickets 

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