5 Steps To Keep Flowing With Life With a Home Yoga Practice

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5 Steps To Keep Flowing With Life With a Home Yoga Practice

All yoga practitioners know there will be obstacles on their meditation journey but the Yoga sutras of Patanjali have provided the solution for those obstacles. The main message in chapter one verse 30 to 32 is that there will be obstacles like illness, doubt, carelessness, laziness, dullness, attachment and dellusion. And the only solution to them are 2 things: Keep practicing with One-pointed focus and enthusiasm on the path and train the mind to stay focused. In other words it tells the yoga student to be like a river that can flow over, around or under the boulders and rocks along the way …. regardless of their size.

So now we are in self isolation to flatten the curve for the nation as a global team and while at home, we yogis must not forget our practice. So here are my 5 steps and tips to set up your Home Yoga Practice with alternative ideas for not so ideal situations:

1) Create a Space for your practice – even if it is your bedroom, this is a good time to clean up this space to place your yoga mat. The space for your practice must be clean and remind you of a special area away from all other clutter. Try to face South or North. And if you aren’t able to minimize noise, put on some noise cancelling headphones or some headphones with soothing wordless music. Eg: sounds of the ocean, dolphins, wales, natural sounds.

2) Block out time and commit to your practice – It doesn’t matter how long you get on your mat but commit to a time that you can allow regularly. But put aside a minimum of 15 mins. I even schedule this time into my planner daily, the night before so I know it will get done. If you are a Pitta Vata like me you might even enjoy this level of organisation. 🙂

3) Eliminate distractions – Tell family members not to call for you, switch off your mobile, your laptop, your smartwatches and the tv. To stream online yoga lessons you will use the internet and your laptop so make sure you switch off all notifications for the duration of your practice.

4) Plan the Practice – Knowing ahead of time what you will practice will help you organise yourself better. If its a Hatha vinyasa flow or a Restorative sequence, you can then set yourself up for your practice time beforehand. In my 200hour Yoga Teacher Training I teach a collection of 30 beginner level postures, 8 essential Pranayamas, basic Mindfulness, Mantras, Mudras, Bandhas and Philosophy. The course is 50% theory and 50% self-practice with guidance from me. The value is that the person takes the next step on their yoga journey integrate yoga in daily life.

5) Keep a Journal – Maintaining a journal has been an ancient practice of the sages and is an essential tool for a yogi in the modern time as well. If it weren’t for the rishis keeping a journal we might not have access to the ancient instructions, hymns, realisations of the wisdom that is within. So I highly recommend you keep a practice journal. For more information see my article 5 Benefits of Keeping a Yoga Journal to access an example of what information you could record in it along with your own commentary.

With all this said, these times of self-isolation is going to strengthen you to stand in your power, learn to protect what is important to you, and align your actions, thoughts and feelings to what really matters most to you.

If you want to take your personal practice to a more self lead practice I recommend you take my 200 hour teacher training program. This course is the beginning of taking your practice home in an informed way and establish yourself in a steady foundation level practice. More training is provided to you after this phase via advanced teacher training for when you want to go out to be a teacher in the community. But first my advice to you is focus on yourself and invest in yourself for yourself.

>>>> The next intake for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (delivered online) is in June 2020. Dates are to be confirmed. However you can apply through this website.

Supriya Roy – Ayurveda Practitioner & Registered Senior Teacher

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