A caffeine free alternative to Chocolate??

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A caffeine free alternative to Chocolate??

Oh its over 30 degrees hot in the West of Sydney and I wanted a cold chocolate shake!! Got home from teaching my Saturday morning Seva Yogis in Ropes Crossing and was quite famished as well. I needed to fix up something quick! Et Voila! Here is what I whipped up!

Meet my Carob smoothie! It tastes amazing, its light in taste yet dense in body making it very much a light meal! Combination of all the ingredients make this smoothie rich in antioxidants, natural phyto-nutrients, gluten free, vegan, high fibre, anti-allergenics and simply tasting just like a chocolate thick shake that hit the spot for both my cravings.

Ingredients: 1 pear, 4 small pitted dates, 1 whole banana, half cup soy milk, quarter cup (left over) almond milk, a piece of raw turmeric (my daily dose), sprinkle in flax seeds, chia seeds and 3 small teaspoon scoops of Carob powder. Add some ice if you like and perhaps a little bit of dessicated coconut for garnish.

As I said the drink is a meal! Its quite filling and at the same time filled with proteins and minerals and natural glucose and fats. Once you have tried it – leave a comment. Let me know what you thought. 🙂


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