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At our Yoga school we offer a holistic practice curriculum to our students to help integrate yoga into daily life. The schedule is aimed to help invigorate, purify and balance the individual’s Body, Mind and Spirit. The classes taught offer practices that help establish the strongest connection between mind and body and develop the practice of yoga as a lifestyle tool.

We specialise in teaching our classes with a focus on improving circulation, muscular tone, range of movement and mental focus. We expect all students to participate in the physical, mental and energetic practices offered throughout the week to really reap the benefits of Yoga. Groups are kept relatively small in order for the teacher to maintain greater connection with students and give the required care and attention to cultivate growth in the teacher student relationship. The various styles of classes all have a unified and logical or common-sense approach to the practice of yoga and that is to encourage the student to practice it to their individual needs. This methodology is derived from the lineage and teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and further developments on his work to date. Practising yoga in this logical way has seen our students finding it easier to improve their practice and integrate yoga into their daily life effortlessly.

The resident teachers and facilitators at Seva Yoga have a high standard of training and professional development and are registered professionals in their fields. Specialised programs and workshops are also delivered periodically throughout the year to facilitate in depth learning on particular topics, which are appropriate for our students’ development and yogic lifestyle goals.



When we decide to practice yoga we decide to be non-harming to ourselves in thought, speech and actions; we must practice compassion first and foremost with ourselves. This is the best beginning for everyone with little or no experience of yoga. Our Foundations level class focuses on the Foundations of yoga to help you learn the classical Yoga postures, breathing techniques, the correct alignment for postures and safe practice skills.

We recommend you pair your practice with our meditative and restorative classes before advancing to the open level classes. While this class can also be enjoyed by a more experienced practitioner, the steady pace and ease of this level of practice will ensure your yoga journey has a nurturing and enjoyable start.

Hatha Vinyasa (OPEN LEVEL)

The meaning of Hatha yoga is to create and experience the harmony existing between the solar and lunar energies (flowing within us, as they are flowing out in nature). Vinyasa refers to the action of linking the breath to movements made whilst a sequence instructed by your teacher. The Open Level classes are taught progressively, offering creative, intelligent sequences to help raise awareness of misalignments and inefficient patterns, which contribute to the loss of internal harmony and balance. It is a mixed level class and your teacher will offer options to modify or vary the yoga postures to suit the various needs in students. You will be taught to practice yoga postures, breath techniques and using specific focal points to bring about a sense of balance in the body, mind, emotions and energy. The sequences will include a mixture of seated, standing, supine and prone postures to help encourage the body and mind’s tension to be released enabling a free flow of energy. This class is not for a complete beginner, as some prior yoga posture knowledge is required to attend these classes. A regular practice will get you feeling flexible, strong, healthy and energised. Complete Beginners must take at least 8 Foundations classes prior to attending, for best experience of the practice.

Restorative Yoga (Open Level)

The aim of Restorative yoga is to relax, release and restore the physical and mental resistance and fatigue. This is the perfect class for those leading a highly busy lifestyle, those recovering from injuries, have a chronic issue (speak to us first), wanting to heighten mind body connection and those want a mini retreat from the grind. It is a meditative posture practice, with most of the poses held over longer periods of time, using props to support and assist safe release of muscle and mental tension. It complements the dynamic styles of practice we offer at the school and it’s a great way to free up the body in a gentle way. A regular restorative practice will help with cultivating deeper stillness of the mind, relaxation and restoration of both mental and physical energy. No experience is required to attend this class. All levels are welcome.

Yoga Nidra

This is where you get an impactfull rest in both body and mind. This practice creates a very effective opportunity for the body’s natural skill of healing itself is regained. Guided by the teacher you will explore what is also known as the effortless relaxation, the yogic sleep, psychic sleep or being in between waking and sleeping states accessing the subconscious mind while in a complete state of rest. With a regular practice you will be experiencing the greater possibilities with yoga such as awakening the psyche, improve memory, concentration and manage or aid with insomnia, hypertension, migraines, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. This practice is suitable and beneficial for everyone. No prior experience is required.

Prenatal Yoga - (1 on 1 or Private Groups only)

This is a specialized yoga class designed for expecting mothers toward a healthy and less stressful birth process. Yoga during pregnancy will help create a sense of well being and prepare the mothers body for the birth of her child. The prenatal yoga classes will flow at a gentle and relaxed pace with modified postures for women at different stages of pregnancy.

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