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This course will take your skills in personal practice and teaching above and beyond the 200 hour level training. In this Advanced teacher training you will learn about the complete Hatha Yoga system, Ayurvedic Principles and Lifestyle, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Practice Technique, Level 2 Practices and Advanced Sequencing.

This training meets and exceeds the current industry standards offering advanced level training, knowledge and practical experience to help you upgrade yourself. You will develop a stronger personal practice, methodology to skillfully sequence intelligent classes and become a teacher who thinks, lives and breathes the philosophy.

Trainees will finish feeling upgraded and confident of the advanced level knowledge and experience required to sequence and teach yoga classes of a variety of levels.

This course is a good fit for those who have been practicing yoga for a minimum of 12 months, to gain deeper knowledge and training to experience a personal transformation. The successful trainee will upgrade their personal practice and be able to safely teach an open level class to groups and individuals. Eligible trainees are required to commit to 12 weeks of regular yoga practice, study the theoretical material, attend lectures, training sessions and complete assessments to qualify for a certificate of completion in this course.

You will receive a certificate of completion for this Advanced level teacher training

  • Advanced Yoga Philosophy
  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
  • Theory and Practice of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Bandha and Kriya
  • Advanced Teaching and Sequencing

All Tuition, Course Manual,

Certificate of Completion

  • All training is delivered online2 x Weekly Sessions + 3 x 3 hr long workshops on weekends12 week immersion
  • Monthly Group Mentoring A mix of in-class and self-paced assessments
  • Guided home study




Enrollment Cut Off

Term 1 2022

Week of

28th January 2022 

to 22nd April 2022

19th January 2022

Term 2 2022

Week of

15th April 2022 

to 8th July 2022

6th April 2022

Term 3 2022

Week of

1st July 2022 to

23rd September 2022

22nd June 2022

Term 4 2022

Week of

7th October 2022 

to 30th December 2022

28th September 2022




Full Payment receives bonuses

Available via Direct Debit only

$500 Deposit plus

$500 Deposit plus

A choice of:

Payment via EFT via $3497 or Credit Card

6 x monthly instalments of $638.35 starting before term cut-off date