Breaking the ice here

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Breaking the ice here



It feels great to be motivated to write again! I’m glad to report that I’m again in a space, in my personal practise where connecting with the inner flow has switched back on! I call it my Goddess or God force, but there are other terms for the same energy, so I will leave the naming up to you.

Right now, just breaking the ice here to let you know this blog site is ACTIVE. Moving forward you will find bite sized posts here on how you can apply yoga in daily life and since I am writing this, it will have a special focus on the concept of Seva = Compassionate Action ; for the self and hence others. These posts will be closely related to my experience of this journey, living my understanding of Yoga and my Seva (service) from a space of practising what I have learned, already know and am constantly learning.

In short, my reflections this week lead me to a 7 year old memory of when I was at a desk job in Sydney. I was already teaching people to stretch out their necks and shoulders twice a week at 3pm because they said they wanted to be as happy and as calm as me at the office! hahaha! This was a time when I had not even conceived of taking my studies further into books and theory. I was planning on other things like the next adventure overseas, paying my bills, dealing with angry stakeholders, getting that promotion, but all with a laid back attitude, so making my colleagues wonder what it was that kept me so focused yet excited every day. I had already started living my yoga then I think… but I remember naturally I had also stopped wanting to go to happy hour and instead attended the local yoga class at 6pm. Back then, for me it was just practise, practise and practise on the mat and feeling myself get closer to my own mysteries!!! But now here I am again 7 years later, just a couple of weeks ago I got asked to get clear again as to where I am headed as a teacher of this wonderful & powerful life tool Yoga. Wow! It feels like a long time ago but the question looms again. I have chosen to take the opportunity up and move closer toward the answer through my inspired actions. I could have ignored it, but I can’t seem to. Perhaps it is important now more than ever, since there is a sense of depth and attachment to this mystery in me. I don’t have a clear answer to the question but I don’t work in that method anyway. I am happy to keep taking steps toward the answers, moment by moment. Day by day. Phase by phase.

So here I have decided to share my journey with you in service (Compassionate Action) and make it accessible to you outside my classrooms.

Right now, I am off to teach my Wednesday night Hatha Yoga class in Ropes Crossing. See you either on the mat or back on web.


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