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According to a recent Gallup Poll 80% of people feel stress on the job, and nearly 40% say they need help in managing stress. Yoga classes in the workplace enable employees to stretch and de-stress in the convenience of their office, eliminating travel time to classes.

corporate yogaYoga can be an invaluable inclusion for your organisation and its “Self-Care” or “Staff Wellness” Program. Organisations with such programs have gained a team of people that are always confident, productive, healthy, relaxed and focused. Our clients have found that Yoga has assisted in the upkeep of and improvement in team morale, staff physical posture, staff mental focus, team spirit and company loyalty. Staff that practice yoga have found that yoga has had a profound effect on their ability to stay alert, gain further clarity in the mind and broadening of perspective.

Our yoga classes stimulate clarity, creativity and concentration in your fellow employees and inspire flexibility in both body and mind- A welcome result found by all our corporate clients. Classes are delivered for an hour in a space of your choice. You may choose a time slot that best suits your team and in an area big enough for your group, such as a staff room, meeting room, boardroom or the park.

We offer a mixture of gentle and dynamic movements, promoting focus, awareness, relaxation and rejuvenation for all.

Help your colleagues build a stronger sense of themselves as well as their team. We cater to both small and larger organisations.

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