Cultivate a Compassionate Warrior within

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Cultivate a Compassionate Warrior within

This is my Virabhadrasana variations practise this morning, also known as the Warrior pose series. This is a 3 part pose and is quite the iconic yoga posture in the Hatha yoga practise series. This series helps cultivate Upper body length and Lower body strength. Creating length helps us open in the heart and lungs area helping us breathe better and having a greater sense of space within. Growing stronger in the legs and the lower body cultivates a sense of our own presence wherever we stand not to mention support our spine that helps us be someone of use day in and day out. Personally these poses were hard for me to adopt but through consistency they helped yolk out a Compassionate Warrior Mindset in me, which I know will help me maintain my practise lifelong.

Right, off to live my Sunday! see you on the mat Yogi/nis!


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