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Freedom From Anxiety

Freedom From Anxiety


Do you deal with any of the following?

-Frequent feelings of nervousness,
-Shortness in breath,
-Muscular tension,
-Brain fog,
-Easily overwhelmed,

And lack the skill and support you need?


If so, then in this 3 part micro-course you can learn the Seva Yoga method to respond to Anxiety and Worry and develop the skills and knowledge to support and care for you when you most need it. And possibly share the practices with others.


NOTE: The only pre-requisite is to be English-speaking adults with no prior training required in Yoga or meditation. It is a great fit for carers, professionals, teachers, psychologists, medical professionals, mothers, and anyone that is wanting freedom from anxiety and worry.


What You Will Learn:

  • To understanding Anxiety and Worry + The Yogic Practices
  • How to Change the Pattern Forever
  • A Tool to Support Your Change Long Term