How to be of Service to the world

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How to be of Service to the world

So, if we are to be focusing on ourselves all the time, how can we be of greatest service to others?

Let us keep it very simple! The simplest and greatest way you can be of service to your world is by giving it the healthiest version of you.

The word healthy comes with all kinds of definitions but Yoga being an all encompassing study, it points the practitioner to all facets of life, not just the physical health (which by the way is a great bi-product). But its focus is Mental health, which is key to experiencing and sharing a great l
ife. Mental health has a direct influence on how we treat ourselves and others. This is a big truth in life. “We are what we Think”- Gautama Buddha

Anyway – so Yoga being a practical, living science has taught me personally to redefine some of the ways in which I can give back and while keep giving to myself. Be of service to myself and naturally be of service to all else.

You take your car to the mechanics for a service don’t you? And the body to the doctor to do a quick check. What about a maintenance system for this living breathing organ that is your body and the ever active recorder of all your experiences called the mind? Wouldn’t you like to maintain their health so you feel the smoothness of this service? Wouldn’t you feel more at harmony if both your mind and body were in sync? But its not an easy thing to do for all. It is not as easy for us to access this sync for a while and this is why we must cultivate all other qualities like humility, patience and compassion toward ourselves. What great gifts to be giving one’s self and of course then as a ripple effect we know when others also need it.

This is compassionate action. Yoga is the practice of uniting mind with the body, starting the communication between the subtle with the gross and it is acquired through regular practice. It feels great, it increases vitality, increases our sense of connection and refills our cup of love and compassion for ourselves and our kind. What a wonderful thing to cultivate for you in your life and share that wonderful quality with your individual environment.

Give the world a healthier you. Being of service is as simple, yet as great as that.

See you on the mat or web or both.

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