Love your practice and the journey!

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Love your practice and the journey!

There is no doubt that “life” for some of us tends to become and feel like a second entity when trying to spend time on our own. And for some it even feels like “life” can blow up if we came off watch, for even an hour.  But this constant feeling of “holding on” and “pressed for time” is a very big sign for stopping and dropping the bags to get yourself on your mat.

It is a sign that “life” has taken charge and you are its slave, when the truth is “Life” is within you and you are the master of “life” and the way it feels, looks, tastes, moves and sounds. Whenever “life” feels like it is separate to you and it doesn’t want you to take time out for you, that is the very time you need to nurture and nourish your soul, and begin an audit! A Yogi’s audit = Find out what in your life story is making you feel zapped for time, energy and your cool toward yourself.

Know that Life is not a second entity, it is your creation. Life as in life force is your creation as is life like the life story. While they are both similar sounding they each have a unique function. The life force is one we must create through mindfulness and activities which feed our mind and body the correct food to be the source of what we create. And a life story on the other hand is one that is a result of what quality of life force we have cultivated within.

Your life that you are living is a creation of your deepest desires, no matter where you are right now or how it might feel or look. It reflects to you what you are feeling, thinking and focusing on within. And through the act of regular practise you are culturing your body with intelligence via movement, breath work and also giving the mind a break from all the life stories that creates the “pressed” or “out of control” feeling.

Know that life starts to move, only when you place your loving attention on it. And starts to dance with you, when you engage with what grabs your attention. When you are engaging with your life stories, you are engaging through a space of a knowing, a knowing which is the intelligence of who you are right now. This practice of knowing yourself right now is called Yoga = union. Your intelligence of unity between your body, mind and breath.

This loving connection formed in your yoga practise, will show up a loving connection to your life story. Life will then willingly allow you more and more time for this romance between you and yourself in and out of class.

See you on the mat y’all!
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Can’t wait to celebrate!


(These notes are shared from personal experience and notes taken on my journey)

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