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Manage & Cure Cold & Flu – 5 natural ways for a Yogi/ni!

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Manage & Cure Cold & Flu – 5 natural ways for a Yogi/ni!

Happy 3rd weekend of winter! And happy to report my throat, nose and ears are burning up and I am forced to be in bed. I am on way to get some Z’s but just thought to share some of the things I am currently using to manage and cure my cold / flu. 
1) Neti Pot – Using the Neti pot (nasal rinse) in the morning and night to keep my sinuses clear is a regular practise but it has proven even more effective on days like these. Adding sea salt to luke warm water helps the septum feel relieved from the rinse out.
2) Lemon + ginger + honey + turmeric+ cayenne pepper tea = Oooh lala! Make you some hot lemon, ginger, honey and cayenne pepper teas! It really helps with the internal body healing – the properties of all the ingredients strip down the bacteria, sooth the areas affected and flush the guff out. 
3) Some chinese herbal medicine for the flu called “Ganmao Qingre Granules” – This comes as a powder from a Traditional Chinese Medicine doc- A mix of all these root herbs and you have it as a hot drink 2-3 times a day! It is not as pleasant a drink as #2 but you can taste its potency from the flavours and it also helps clear out the gunk from the chest and belly.
4) Coconut milk!! – This is a recent discovery for me while healing the flu! I have always thought any milk will actually create more mucus in my system. However, last night I craved a hot spicy soup so I ordered a spicy vege Laksa and oh boy, not only was it a treat but it really helped with my circulation. It in fact is a great thing to use in daily recipes – Coconut milk – it helps improve circulation besides all of its other benefits!

5) Water + Sleep – this is a must and a friendly reminder to myself! worthy of listing here even if obvious! Water (warm water + peppermint & lemon essential oils) and actual sleep not a savasana. Your body has its way of repairing itself and sleep is one of the most effective ways.  
So there you have it – an inventory of things I apply to me, when I am managing a cold or flu.  
Buenna notte for now! 
In Seva

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