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Premium Courses


The Women’s Wellness Temple

This is a sacred space to commune and practices all that which nurtures the woman, goddess and feminine in body, mind [...]

Yoga Mentorship

Much of today’s yoga students are following various new age philosophers and influencers because there is no support from their yoga [...]

Beginners Meditation & Relaxation

PRICE: $49 This is a beginner’s guide to learn traditional, authentic yogic meditation and relaxation. It is suitable for a complete [...]

Yoga Fundamentals

PRICE: $197 Learn the Complete Seva Yoga Beginners Yoga here. Practice from the comfort and safety of your own home and [...]

Pain Management Kit

PRICE: $49 In this tiny course, you will learn how you understand the pain in a holistic way and approach pain [...]


Freedom From Anxiety

PRICE: FREE Do you deal with any of the following? -Frequent feelings of nervousness, -Shortness in breath, -Muscular tension, -Brain fog, [...]