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  • Done asking doctors, personal trainers, healers, clairvoyants and my besties. I’m are ready to take meaningful action toward my own true north.
  • I’ve been doing all the RIGHT things, and now want specific results.
  • I have commitment issues and am ready to work on it. And because I love yoga, I want to start here.
  • My health is not in my control because I am either expecting the flu in winter, hay fever in spring, IBS in summer or possibly a cold in Autumn. I could definitely use a reboot.
  • I am recovering from addiction/s / PTSD / Injury /long term medication / illness needing a steady nourishing holistic pathway to follow.
  • My life has been a long road and I forgot to take care of myself along the way. I simply want to learn how to love myself again.
  • I’m a spiritual person, I love yoga and I know there is more to the practice. I want to learn more.
  • If you said yes to any of the above, you are ready to align to your birth right, Being Healthy and Harmonious. This is a 12 month Mentorship that looks closely at you, as an individual and encourages you to align your actions to attain your goals.

If you qualify, For more information download the Handbook.


Completing and submitting this application is the first step in being admitted into the 12 Month Health Mentorship with Supriya Roy. Please provide complete and accurate information, all of which will be kept private and confidential. A non-refundable deposit of $30 is due upon submission of this application and will be applied to your full tuition. Full tuition is $4597 for this extensive mentorship program. For complete information on the program, registration, and inclusion please request a copy of the handbook via the Enquiry form or via email info@sevayoga.com.au

    We are a certified COVID-19 safe studio and have strict health and safety practices in place for all our clients and team members.

    • Intake per class is limited to 8 students.
    • Bookings are Essential for every class.
    • Bring your own yoga mat and props like blanket, bolster, strap and blocks.
    • Alternatively request our pricelist via email if you would like to buy directly from us.