My 5 Tips For Urban Yogis Navigating Uncertainty – We are all in this together!

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My 5 Tips For Urban Yogis Navigating Uncertainty – We are all in this together!

image by: Balzinder Balz

1. Maintain a Seasonal Ayurvedic Diet – For Australians this is Autumn. Autumn being a very unstable season it is imperative to know how to manage digestion. In Ayurveda the immune system is dependent on the health of your stomach and heart. Energetically this is your solar plexus and heart plexus. You must eat right to maintaining a good gut and digestive fire. If you are having gut issues, now is the time to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner that you know. You can get a consult with me online for a holistic diet and lifestyle plan tailored for this time in your life.

2. Prepare for deep sleep every night with gratitude– after practicing your night routine, write down 5 things you are grateful for right now. Gratitude is the antidote for all the sadness and heavy hearts you are sensing. Don’t forget you are an empathic being, and most likely have a lot to be grateful for but you are forgetting this due to osmosis of the pandemic energy all around you. Please remember to spend at least 15 mins at the end of your day to acknowledge your blessings to stay connected to your soul’s light.

3. Daily practice light stretching and simple Pranayama every hour of your waking life – reset yourself. More than likely you are practicing yoga regularly BUT I’m asking you to stay connected to your breath and muscles hourly, just for now. With the surrounding energy you must stay in the flow and just 1 hour of a flow class with 23 more of tension does not help. So stay in touch with your body and breath every hour. Acknowledge that you are a vessel through which energy must flow through on earth right now.

4. Stay connected with positive people in your life and understand those that distance themselves from you – nurture the friendships and relationships that keep you aligned to your values, beliefs and vision. Offer support only if you are feeling upto it otherwise know that everyone is going through the same situation right now and everyone has the opportunity to cultivate positive relationships with themselves and others. Don’t take it away from anyone by being the rescuer. You are allowed to maintain your personal boundaries at this time to maintain your emotional and psychological hygiene.

5. Acknowledge your personal hardships – because you must be there for you, especially right now. Whatever the case, your story matters and no one is better or worse than yourself. You are allowed to feel jaded, broke, helpless, lost, unworthy, sad and everything else that is coming up. Use this as a chance to practice radical honesty with yourself to help you process your emotions. Daily, connect with yourself by placing your hands on your own heart and asking yourself – How are you feeling right now? What do you need help with? You can reach out to a mentor, a healer, an Ayurvedic practitioner, a Yoga teacher or a coach, a Therapist to book in some time online to navigate your thoughts, identify the direction you want to head toward in the next phase of your life (coming soon after this is all over).

I hope these tips help you out right now and keep you engaged to your personal growth during this time of greater uncertainty and a global shift everyone is a part of currently. We are all in this together and nothing outside of ourselves is within our control so this is ultimately the most important time to practice self-care and stay energised to hold a frequency of stability for all else around.

Let’s admit it, nothing will ever be the same once this pandemic is all over and if we don’t start to prepare for what is next now, we might struggle to catch the next wave of even bigger change.

My hope for us individually right now is that we learn to lean in, improve our relationships with ourselves and others and practice mindfulness and yoga (union) in all areas of life. This is not the time to close everything down, especially not our minds because it was the human mind that created this for its own evolution. So like it or not, we have to all learn how to individually embody the frequency it will require for us all to experience this shift in consciousness, together.

Let’s remind each other that we can chose to place our focus on what we do want as well as acknowledge the stuff that is unpleasant. And whether this is apparent right now to everyone or not that is different but everyone is dealing with their stress differently, so my plea to you is not to get lost in being a rescuer rather be there for yourself and naturally remain fit for when your time comes to serve anyone at whatever time you are called.

If you are finding yourself sitting alone, quiet and aimless right now then receive this as a gift to recharge your spirit, reserve the energy for your next calling in the next phase… look after your mento-emotional-physical immunity at all cost.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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