On the very first day of our Beginner’s Yoga Course, we sit in an open circle and introduce ourselves. We share our personal big why for starting Yoga now. When asked what self-care looks like for each person, many (surprisingly) smirk and share “I showered before I came today” or “Went to the beach last summer and that felt good”

Let’s admit it, it is challenging to breathe in this cold weather and we Aussies are quite spoilt with sunshine all year round. So any sign of a cloudy day, or cooler weather gets us like we're backed up against a wall, frozen, having a stare off with a yeti. We detest the cold. Besides our mental resistance to the cold,

5 REASONS TO COME PRACTICE YOGA IN THE MORNING1) IMPROVES DIGESTION - By the time you're up, your body has processed yesterday's consumption & is ready to start process of eliminating toxic waste. - Good way to know if what you're eating is actually serving your body. 2) BALANCED BIORHYTHM - Your sleep patterns will improve if you make it a