Hello everyone, Since opening the studio, we are able to offer a holistic Yoga program to children aged between 5 to 12 years. This is the one of two other programs we will offer for Teenagers and Tweens later this year. We are fortunate to have a fun loving, passionate, creative and super cool mother of 3 as our teacher to

Hey yogi/nis,Here is my latest invention - An amazing powerfully hydrating, nutrient dense and energising summer time smoothie! It turned out so delicious that I am including it in the recipe book I'm compiling!Please try it, and let me know how you found it in the comments box.Ingredients are:1/2 cup young coconut water1 Kiwi fruit1/2 a ripe Mango1/2 Beetroot1 tspn

Have you been wanting a break from the city routine?Then Mulgoa is the perfect spot for a weekend away this December. A delightful and soulful retreat will be held in the quiet, peaceful and natural country surroundings of Mulgoa - approximately an hour in from most directions of NSW. We are looking forward to waking up with a bright smile on

Oh its over 30 degrees hot in the West of Sydney and I wanted a cold chocolate shake!! Got home from teaching my Saturday morning Seva Yogis in Ropes Crossing and was quite famished as well. I needed to fix up something quick! Et Voila! Here is what I whipped up!Meet my Carob smoothie! It tastes amazing, its light in

Yoga really does serve as a tool to engage the mind and body to help me get my answers. My true answers.I still remember the first time a yoga teacher said for me to hold my foot, stretch my leg up, breathe and lift through my upper back.. whoah! I still remember the difficulty I had taking just the first