Today as any other Saturday I got up, finished my daily practice and went to teach my 9am Hatha Vinyasa class at Ropes Crossing. After class I grabbed a coffee and the girl was shocked to see me after so long and joked to say "Oh my its been so long.." and I said to her "yes I'm not a

Its now peaking winter in Sydney and with the cold of winter comes tightness of muscles and general flow in the body's movements. Its a hard time for those that suffer from respiratory issues and any other chronic diseases. I see this in my class rooms and can't stress enough that we must pay attention to our breath capacity and

So we had a great turn out on the 19th July at part 1 of the Mood & Energy Management workshop. Admittedly it was part 1 and most of the content taught were all about empowering everyone with the know how on how to be mindful. Being mindful in our daily activities like eating, exercising, sleeping and leisure helps us

The practise of Self-care is at the core of Seva Yoga's mission in the world and with the world.In my opinion, a simple list of 5 practices which gives me the best experience of better health and sense of well being are:1) Yoga     2) Meditation    3) Massage    4) High quality Natural Foods     5) Health

Tree of life - the energy uncoilingDo you ever wonder why you feel a certain way one day and another on a different day in your practice?And is it natural to feel confident in a particular yoga posture one day and not on another!!?The answer to those questions is Absolutely it is natural to feel differently each time you get

Eka pada Urdhva Dhanurasana2011Hello Yogi/nis, its a brand new practise week and our practice focus is: Sukham = Comfort; a quality we must not discount in our experiences at any time.In this pose I am in a wheel pose with one leg raised. In developing my one legged wheel pose I had to develop a close relationship with my upper