The body is the gateway to your true mind

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The body is the gateway to your true mind

Tree of life – the energy uncoiling

Do you ever wonder why you feel a certain way one day and another on a different day in your practice?
And is it natural to feel confident in a particular yoga posture one day and not on another!!?

The answer to those questions is Absolutely it is natural to feel differently each time you get on your mat! And this is natural because the body is more than just how much we understand of it on any one given day.
It is an ever changing (cellular and) natural operating environment! This practise of Hatha yoga looks at changing our limited awareness of how we feel occasionally to a holistic awareness of the body including the organs that help it function (i.e. one whole unit of mental awareness)!

Can you comprehend it, right now?  Your attention span expanding from just being aware of the external you (the outer shell) to also the inner & complete you – every living cell and tissue that makes up your natural operating environment.

With regular practise this is what we are working toward at large. A holistic sense of yourself that unravels to only you as neural pathways are formed from brain to muscles to cells and tissues –  everytime you connect with your body and mind on the mat.

Keep warm, enjoy the sun and see you all on that mat, y’all!

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