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The Women’s Wellness Temple

The Women’s Wellness Temple

This is a sacred space to commune and practices all that which nurtures the woman, goddess and feminine in body, mind and soul. In this temple you will receive the information, support and guidance to help ritualize wellness in your lifestyle so it is never forgotten and you can embody your virtues with ease. Welcome to the first Women’s wellness temple where women can gather to receive holistic guidance on natural medicine and tools for nourishing their mind, body and soul for a grounded spirituality in practical life.

Supriya your mentor and coach have curated this Temple where you will learn to nurture yourself and stay devoted to your wellbeing.


What you will receive:

  • Various Workshops and Classes
  • Monthly Seasonal Health & Wellbeing Advice
  • New Moon & Full Moon themed Women’s Circles
  • Weekly pre-recorded seasonal yoga practice
  • A moderated community for daily connection and support

Temple’s Grand Opening will be the 21st of February 2022 All early entries receive the Special Launch Rate




$111 for 3 Months

*expires 20th February 2022

$333 for 3 Months

$777 for 12 Months