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This weekend we got a Mood Lift!

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This weekend we got a Mood Lift!

So we had a great turn out on the 19th July at part 1 of the Mood & Energy Management workshop. Admittedly it was part 1 and most of the content taught were all about empowering everyone with the know how on how to be mindful. Being mindful in our daily activities like eating, exercising, sleeping and leisure helps us become powerful in the way we can remain in control of the energy we spend or keep. The workshop highlighted some active meditating, conscious movements and using aromatherapy to lift a particular mood and treat emotional blockage. The workshop was developed by myself alongside my colleagues Marie and Debra who are both also holistic healing arts practitioners such as Reiki, Reflexology, Massage Therapy. The afternoon was a success and we received awesome feedback prompting us to start working on the next part.

We are going to hold these workshops every 3 months and are looking forward to holding part 2 in October.

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