This week’s Practice Focus: Sthira = Stability

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This week’s Practice Focus: Sthira = Stability


This week’s practise focus at Seva Yoga is “Sthira” meaning Stability. This is a quality, which the system of yoga demands from the practitioner to cultivate. When cultivating stability, one has to be highly mindful of when their instabilities arise in their practise and where exactly in the body or mind can they inject more of this quality through their mindfulness. 

Here I am not just balancing on my head and forearms, I am co-contracting various muscles alongside aligning my spine to help maintain the quality of stability in my posture. The benefit of cultivating stability is it improves muscle awareness and joint health. Yoga being an experiential process, I make it my job to guide the practitioner to hone their ability to bring their highest quality of attention on the specific muscles they need to know in order to be in a pose so they can better align and strengthen their joints when moving. 

Yoga Sutra II: “Sthira Sukham Asanam”= Yoga is Stability and Comfort in a Posture”. 

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