This week’s practise focus: Sukham = Comfort

  -  Comfort in yoga poses   -  This week’s practise focus: Sukham = Comfort

This week’s practise focus: Sukham = Comfort

Eka pada Urdhva Dhanurasana

Hello Yogi/nis, its a brand new practise week and our practice focus is: Sukham = Comfort; a quality we must not discount in our experiences at any time.

In this pose I am in a wheel pose with one leg raised. In developing my one legged wheel pose I had to develop a close relationship with my upper body to stay open and comfortably breathing till I got myself off the floor in a wheel. This level of comfort in breathing, then allowed me to stay up and keep building strength in my arms and legs to lift up the leg in this pose – step by step. 

Working with this week’s theme of defining comfort, you will be guided to explore with your personal breath capacity, moving through a specific movement sequence, developing strength but also a deeper sense of comfort wholly. The comfort that you will cultivate will be an anchor in your practise for the rest of your life, as this level of connection to your body, breath and mind will not only increase the flow of energy but also improve the health of your internal organs that are provided it.

The truth of the matter is that Yoga’s medicine cannot be extracted till we learn to relax and feel comfortable in our strength. If it interests you to learn yoga this way, I invite you to come along to one of my classes (timetable on this link): Seva Yoga Group Class timetable

There is an amazing 2 part workshop we are holding on “Energy & Mood Management” next month on 19th of July 2014. Flyer will be posted on the facebook page and circulated online. Stay connected.

Namaste & see you on the mat  

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