Time to let go – What do you think?

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Time to let go – What do you think?

It’s the middle of September and spring is still not here!

Well, it turns out the Australian snow season got extended from August to November so expect a slight delay. However this also means that we can take our time to transition from the cold of winter to a juicy delicious spring this year. 

How has winter been for you this year and what comes to mind when you think of transitioning to spring? What are some changes you are looking forward to experiencing? 

Also, how do you feel when you hear “It’s Time to Let Go” of the old? Does it feel like a big lump in your throat? 

Courtney Carver says “Decluttering is not a one-night stand or a sprint to the finish line. It is a day-by-day, step-by-step, inch-by-inch revolution. Instead of a massive spring cleaning, or a big purge, consider the tried and true, proven method of slowly but surely.”

Both Yoga and Ayurveda, view change as a part of life and prescribe the slowly but surely method when it comes to creating space on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

The act of letting go is a yogic practice that falls under the Yama / yogic mindset of “Non-possessiveness or Detachment” also known in Sanskrit as Aparigraha. 

And under the Ayurvedic system each season has it’s own cleansing and maintenance practice that support a healthy physical and spiritual life.  

Here are some baby steps to spring clean areas of life that offer a healthy non-possessive way of mind and a peaceful way of transitioning into spring:


  • Write down everything you want to change about your diet.
  • Don’t eat meat on Monday.
  • Boycott fast food.
  • Eat sitting down.
  • Drink more water and less of everything else.


  • Cancel one thing right now.
  • Leave Friday’s open for the unexpected.
  • Do errands on Wednesday instead of the weekend.
  • Track your time.
  • If there is something you buy almost everyday, don’t buy it for a week.
  • Track your spending.
  • Don’t dine out for a month.
  • Read a Money Mindset book.
  • Figure out what you enjoying doing.
  • Connect with other people who do it well.
  • Help people.
  • Ask for help.
  • Cancel your cable television.
  • Close your computer and put down your iStuff.
  • Don’t check email in the morning.
  • Turn off all alerts.
  • Remove Facebook from your phone or just be friends with your actual friends.
  • Keep a box by the door. Drop something in it to donate every day.
  • Don’t buy anything new for 30 days
  • Maintain a tiny clutter-free zone
  • One in One out
Taking a step at a time and having a plan for each area of your life will mean you will be able to create amazing headway daily. It’s not at all about just getting organised or spring cleaning but a way to live life without needing to always be busy or full. All it will take is your commitment to stick to your steps and in no time you will have a habit of keeping your life de-cluttered and ready for change always. 

In 2019 I am teaching an integrative yoga teacher training course, where you will study the sciences and implement them into your life for best health, mindset and lifestyle. It will go for 12 months with mentoring under a structured guideline that will help you integrate your knowledge and wisdom into your daily life. Here is the prospectus. Enrollments and conditions of entry do apply however this program will encourage those that are wanting to take the steps to living Yoga and Ayurveda in daily life. 

If you found the above article helpful, please share it with someone that you can also practice it with.

Until the next one, take care and have a wonderful spring clean.

Supriya (Ayurveda Practitioner, Integrative Yoga Teacher Trainer)

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