What’s a summer time smoothie gotta’ do with it?!

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What’s a summer time smoothie gotta’ do with it?!

Hey yogi/nis,

Here is my latest invention – An amazing powerfully hydrating, nutrient dense and energising summer time smoothie! It turned out so delicious that I am including it in the recipe book I’m compiling!

Please try it, and let me know how you found it in the comments box.

Ingredients are:
1/2 cup young coconut water
1 Kiwi fruit
1/2 a ripe Mango
1/2 Beetroot
1 tspn raw Ginger
1 tspn raw Turmeric
1 tspn Wheatgrass
Half a handful of Mint leaves
Slice up a cold nectarine to top off as displayed for a complementary garnish

O-M-G = I totally let my flow take over and the result was awesome!

Personally this morning I woke up feeling really sore all over, felt very acidic and despite all other efforts I wasn’t able to rinse it out. This smoothie, is a powerhouse of energy, antioxidant rich, tasty, fresh and clean drink. By the time I had to teach this evening’s class, I really had my spring back and just realised that it was all the fluid absorbing, cleansing and alkalising ingredients in my smoothie.

As they say – there are no coincidences in life 🙂 My body needed it and my mind thought it and delivered!

Love and Peace

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