Why Is Being Present So Hard?

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Why Is Being Present So Hard?

Hi my friends,

One of the chief complaints with many of my clients is about the unending mind chatter they find themselves in. This is also a big issue as it becomes a cause for relationship breakdowns, communication barriers, limited self expression and loss of joy in life.

It’s a commonplace for many experiencing difficulty being present in personal, spiritual, professional activities because of this never ending chatter. And if you look this up you will find many names for this issue like depression, anxiety, stress disorder, schizophrenia and on and on and on.

Has diagnosing helped with the problem yet? What about the medication? Have they helped dissolve the overactive mind’s nature to be overactive? Have we been able to medicate without distorting the person’s energy and spirit? I am yet to find the perfect example. Not saying medicine does not help but the question is not about the diagnosed condition. The question is about how did the mind get in that condition in the first place? And just to clarify I am here sharing my personal opinion from my own experiences and from having worked with clients that helped me arrive at my understanding of the cause.

And very commonly I found it to be; DISCONNECTION from a very early age.

As one grows and matures, they start to notice their inner uncontrolled mind’s way, a growing disconnection appears within their life, their storyline, body, mind and spirit. These minor fractures in connectivity to one’s whole self, can also show forms of conscious adaptive behaviors, coping mechanisms, unconscious behaviors and then behavioral patterns to being some acceptable way, that neither changes nor improves the situation. Fear starts to make itself more visible, anxiety increases and everything becomes conditional.  Eg: I’ll be happy if ____ when ______.  Or I will do it when I have ______. Or I can’t, not me. Or If s/he does this then I might _____.

When we look at ourselves so closely, having accumulated decades of experiences, is it of any wonder there are so many thoughts and beliefs that need our attention and review? But where most people chose to back off or distance themselves is when they feel guilt or shame arising from not feeling Okay in life (especially being a grown adult)!

Of course education on self-awareness, personal development is never on anyone’s priority list since the common man’s story is systematized from birth to death starting with academic development, to increasing the net worth, growing the blood line, and keeping up appearances on what’s working better than ever.  Also because we are not encouraged to seek education on how NOT to dump our stuff on others and practice self-care and be better friends, partners, colleagues and parents.

And sooner or later, the patterns of disconnection do dominate and sabotage success or forward movement.

So what’s the solution? CONNECTION. It’s also a rite of passage! If you believe you were not born to work, pay bills, and feed mouths and sleep through life only. If you believe that you were born to learn, grow, love and serve, then it is a rite you will be called to take. Yes, your inner / higher self will call you out. The inner chatter will get louder till you do something about it. 

Establishing a Connection to your personal life, storyline, body, mind and spirit is a rite to reclaim personal power, integrity and sovereignty.

Connection is also the fundamental pillar of increasing health in all areas of life like finance, career, relationships, vocation, spirituality, business and creativity. But it takes special effort and willingness to develop and open our hearts this way.

So all and all, this article is about understanding and thinking differently to pave a way from disconnection to connection. To invite ourselves to become friends with the inner chatter. Getting out of the falsehood that some day the volatility will vanish in one swoop second. That some mystical experience will take away all the disconnection we have been cultivating by and without choice in all this time.

Ever since I can remember realizing the urgency to respond to my inner chatter’s call, I have invested multiple thousands in dollars and hours for developing myself, educating myself for my mind and body. To have cultivated a strong heart to create a life that supports my well being despite the storyline I was born into. And I want you to know that its available for you too.

The dividends come in many and unexpected ways and I am so grateful to get to share with you this possibility of deeper connection with yourself. Allowing your higher self to guide your steps, breaking the ties with disconnection and growing stronger from within.

All my programs are tools of self-awareness and personal development to creating a different mind, body and life trajectory. And if you’re curious – go to www.sevayoga.com.au or send a message with your questions.

What did you think of this article? Please comment below with any questions you have or if you had any Aha moments of your own.

Much love,
Supriya Roy (Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Trainer)

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