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Yoga makes me vibrant without trying

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Yoga makes me vibrant without trying

How often are you worried about appearing dull so you put on the act that you are happy and full of energy, load up on sugary foods or caffeine to give you a spring in your step or have another alcoholic beverage when out, to numb out the physical messages just to fit in and appear harmonious? 
Its costing you your sense of peace, vital energy and diminishing your spirit to keep being, that which you are not feeling inside. Slowly, over time it might even become a habit of putting on an act socially and when you get home the family or flatmate gets the REAL you. The Real you meaning the over worked, tired and can’t fake it another minute, you. 
Over time, you also start to believe that the Real you is the one that has their guard off (hence highly irritable) among family and impressionable (guard on) among those that you cannot be irritated with (the workplace or social circles). 
The worst part about this way of living is that you are living for Others and not Yourself. You are disconnecting your mind, body and spirit and neglecting your own mind and body’s needs – increasing risks of developing many physical conditions that manifest as chronic or terminal diseases due to the patterns of behaviour you cultivate over a period of time. 
I founded Seva Yoga with the intention of placing focus on self-care so everyone understood that all service starts with the self. The self-care aspect comes from a place of practising compassion for oneself first, then offering to all other beings from a place of real knowing. If we are numbing out to our own pains and discomforts we are not going to be around for long to help anyone else that we care about. 
Learning to practice Yoga has made me feel vibrant without this need to try. Feeling vibrant doesn’t mean we are jumping out of our skin and are visibly energetic to others only. It means we are alert, we are sensitive, we are close with ourselves, we are in harmony with our own mind and body and can participate in life’s activities joyfully.  And it is all a daily practice on and off the mat. It is as Lao Tzu put it best “A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with one single step” and speaking from personal experience it is just that but it allows for everyone to work with themselves with a sense of a great purpose – Service. 
A complete yoga practice cultivates this vibrant body, mind and spirit. A complete Yoga practice also is not focused around the physique. It is actually the practice of stilling the mind where the body is an accessory to be doing that work. 
You might look at the picture below to grasp the holistic practice of Yoga and that it is a practice that is all encompassing (body, mind, spirit) which is practised to engage with life harmoniously. 
There are many workshops we hold at Seva Yoga to emphasize and develop our student’s minds and bodies to learn more about how one can be of service to themselves. For example this month:
16th May – Yoga Posture Alignments Workhsop is designed to help you understand the mechanics of each pose in a Sun Salutations series and how you can benefit from adjusting your posture to get best value from your time on the mat. Click here for the event details 
23rd May – Yoga Inversions Workshop has been designed to encourage all yoga posture practitioners to start practising the correct version for the 4 basic inversions taught in the Beginner / intermeditate class. You will learn how to practice an inversion safely with and without support and take the next best step appropriate on your journey to going upside down. An inversion is a healthy thing to do to improve the health of our nervous system. Click here for the event details 
13th June – Winter Wellness Workshop will offer everyone the opportunity to take the step toward taking their practice home, to the grocery shop, to work, to every day life. It is a workshop to help individuals serious about their well being and practice to learn how to eat and live consciously, what postures to practice at home to boost immunity and digestive power (especially in winter) and a meditation practice for home (to maintain balance).  Click here for the event details
I am really happy to have Desiree Taylor come on board as a Holistic Health Coach. She shares a similar mentality and experience on maintaining well being and helps people take the steps necessary to reach their well being goals. She is a practitioner and an advocate of Yoga posture and Meditation and has found them enormously helpful on her journey in recovering from CFS and other related health issues. She has turned everything around and is an amazingly vibrant individual that we are so fortunate to have teach us on the 13th June workshop.  How Yoga Healed Me 
Look forward to connecting with you all on the mat! 

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