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Yoga Mentorship

Yoga Mentorship

Much of today’s yoga students are following various new age philosophers and influencers because there is no support from their yoga schools to help them connect to the Vedic Philosophies and Sciences they are taught. So this is that program where the proverbial rubber of the philosophies gets to meet the road of the urban yogi/ni’s real life.

Inside you will find recorded mentoring sessions, Live session invitations and material to help you take action in health, relationships, business, spirituality and every other important aspect of your life. You can interact with Supriya and the community via the internal learning portal under each month’s theme.

Kindly note that this program is not a crash course in yoga practice/business planning / spiritual development / Natural Health Remedies or whatever else other mentors are offering out there. This is also not the place where you just quietly read, watch and learn. You are encouraged to interact via the internal learning portal and at the LIVE sessions.

A mentor’s role is to offer sage advice and guidance from the experiences s/he has from their overall life. So before signing up please do so with the understanding that Supriya is someone who lives and breathes Vedic philosophy, a lifelong learner, a recognized wellness brand, with 16 years of full-time industry experience, a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, An Ayurveda Practitioner, Lecturer, Therapist, Holistic Transformation Coach and a former yoga studio and Ayurvedic clinic owner.


She focuses on delivering clear and direct guidance on 6 aspects that need your attention to learn more about yourself to then feel more integrated and satisfied with the Vedic Philosophy’s purpose in your modern life. Applying and taking action will help you achieve autonomy, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-mastery within the structured approach of this program.


If this mentorship is taken after the Seva teacher training programs the hours will be transferred toward a 500-hour teacher training certification.


However, you do not need to have completed any other Seva Programs to apply for this mentorship. This program can also be taken by: any health and wellness professional wanting mentorship with an expert in wellness service provision and improving personal yoga practice.  Eg: A yoga student that is also a Naturopath, Psychologist, Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Professional, Stay at home mother etc. The structures given can be applied to more than a yoga teacher’s role.


Live sessions are held in a private virtual platform, on the 1st Saturday of every month

AEST 11.00 AM – 12:00 PM   | PST 6.00 PM

If your schedule clashes on any occasion you can access the replay by logging into the learning portal.


What you will receive:

  • Monthly LIVE Mentorship sessions with Supriya Roy.
  • Access to replays of prior sessions and related content.
  • Monthly downloadable worksheets
  • Weekly mentorship newsletter


Try out the first module completely FREE here: GOAL SETTING


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