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“What I couldn’t achieve in a year, with Shanil’s guidance I was able to do a headstand in half n hour” – Paudan

You will get to attend a variety of yoga workshops here aimed to improve your practice. In these 90 minute workshop style classes, you will be shown deeper aspects to yoga poses, technique for intelligent use of your body and how you can adopt new poses to experience their benefits.

These workshops are included as part of an Unlimited Pass and cost just $45 if you don’t have an unlimited pass.

There are times when we invite international and local teachers to come share their knowledge on Asana, so be on the lookout for what’s on via the Upcoming Events Page.

If you know which workshop you would like to attend go ahead and use the system to get registered.


Class Description

CLASS LEVELS Foundation level classes are suitable for developing best habits like aligning the body, breathing efficiently and focusing the mind. [...]